Calm and Health Paraliminal Pack

Use these four audio Paraliminal Recordings from Learning Strategies to help you stay calm and healthy while you study for the Bar Exam! Each recording is available for digital download to your permanent library. You save $60 off the regular price with this Pack (it's like getting 2 recordings FREE).

The 4 Recordings are:

Anxiety Free: If anxieties about the Bar Exam, your job, family, relationship, finances, or any other aspect of your life get the best of you, listen to the Anxiety-Free recording. It frees you from emotional bondage so that you can better deal with challenges.

It helps eliminate uncomfortable feelings of fear, whether it is fear of tests... being in front of people... pressure... failure... success... being alone... rejection. Finally, most any fear can be controlled. No longer do fear or anxieties have to control you.

Overcoming Overwhelm: Do you ever feel overwhelmed? With all of the stuff coming at us each day, it's hard to avoid being overwhelmed.

But you never have to be again.

All of those mental images of urgent priorities that lodge in our minds and make us feel locked up, anxious, and tired can be a thing of the past.

Overcoming Overwhelm pulls you out of overwhelming feelings – in just 19 minutes – and train your nonconscious mind to deal with those stresses of life differently.

Perfect Health: Enhance how you use your mind to positively affect your immune system, tolerance for pain, recovery from illness or injury, and level of health.

Think in terms of wellness instead of sickness. Don't immediately decide you are getting a cold, just because you feel scratchiness in the throat. Look at it as a signal that your body needs help to maintain health. Use this recording to direct your mind to be your most powerful ally in having perfect health.

Five Elements Healing: As you listen to Paul’s Five Elements Healing Paraliminal you amplify and balance those five positive emotions so they literally radiate through every cell in your body, making it easier for the body to heal itself and for you to live at your highest vibrations

If you already have our Paraliminal Pack for the Bar Exam, we have a different grouping of recordings. Instead of Anxiety-Free and Overcoming Overwhelm, you can add "Fearlessness" and "No Matter What." Both groupings contain Perfect Health and Five Elements Healing. Just make your selection in the box below.



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