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Paraliminal Reset Package

With Paraliminal Resets, you can quickly shift your mood or frame of mind, giving you ready access to the rich resources within you at any given moment in your day. Works in 13 minutes or less!


There is powerful energy in your emotions that can help you quickly and easily achieve your goals.

Within you lies an abundance of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, contentment, confidence, creativity, courage, adventure, brilliance, and light.

Use the proven strategies in the Resets to shift your state, and tap into the great bounty of your inner gifts to get the most from life… with passion, purpose, and powerful results. Order your set today

Your order will be delivered via digital download from Learning Strategies, Inc on the next business day.

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Yes, Add Bar Prep Paraliminal Pack

Add the Bar Prep Paraliminal Pack for an additional $295 for deeper mental breakthroughs!

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