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EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR BAR EXAM SUCCESS This complete course includes 25 Personal Coaching Calls and all of your materials PLUS our STAR package of study tools (included with Single Payment Only).


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"Follow Jackson Mumey's advice to pass the bar exam..."

“I was struggling with passing the Texas Bar Exam then a classmate of mine recommended Jackson Mumey’s Celebration Bar Review. From the outset this program increased my confidence in my abilities, gave me daily direction and put me on a path to success. I found the materials to be accurate and effective backed by thorough lectures. The syllabus was laid out to give me sufficient time to study and review the material. I highly recommend the personal mentoring package as Jackson’s one on one attention gave me the counsel, direction and confidence I needed to become an attorney. He is a brilliant individual, who has a genuine interest in my personal success and saw to it that all of my questions and concerns were taken care of. Jackson personally tailored the way I prepared for the exam to ensure my success. I was prepared for every portion of the exam and utilized Celebration’s strategic method to pick up the points I needed to pass the exam. Jackson’s mentoring got the job done for me” Victor Guerra, Esq.